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Oxford Magnum D-Lock

Oxford Magnum D-Lock

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Oxford Magnum D-Lock
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"Lock it or lose it!" That's what mum always said when we rode off to school, little did she know we usually left our bikes at a mates place and walked the last little bit to school. But that was back before it was cool to ride a bike. These days there's no reason not be seen riding. In fact it's so cool that bikes get stolen every day. So, lock it or lose it!

The Magnum D-Lock (or U-Lock) from Oxford Products boasts a massive 16mm diameter hardened steel shackle and is 180mm wide x 340mm long with an internal size of 280mm x 100mm. A super secure yet simple and straightforward way to lock up your bike. The keyed locking mechanism features a pick resistant lock tumbler with a double locking mechanism for added security and is supplied with two matching keys from the start... so don't lose them, but if you must, only lose one.