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Planet Bike A.R.S Standard Womens Saddle

Planet Bike A.R.S Standard Womens Saddle

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Planet Bike A.R.S Standard Womens Saddle
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In physics, pressure = force/area. So you shouldn’t be surprised that a typical saddle, with its small surface area tends to apply pressure to areas that…we’ll just leave it at areas. It would be great if you could mount your favourite armchair to your frame, however the impact on balance and aerodynamics is a bit too much of a price to pay for comfort. The answer then is the Women's Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle (or A.R.S). It’s designed to be comfortable yet still attractive looking and functional. With gel pads to relieve pressure from soft tissue and a full length centre recess with hole through for comfort and anatomic relief

It features a SuperSoft padding with flex base for maximum comfort and support, and a durable, weatherproof cover