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Nuvo 12-20" Adjustable Kick Stand

Nuvo 12-20

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Nuvo 12-20
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When they told us we were getting an adjustable kick stand we misheard them and thought they said kicks stand. That left us thinking, who needs a stand for their shoes, and why does it need to be adjustable?

Once the confusion was cleared up it became obvious why you'd want one of these. Ever seen a kid get off their bike and just drop it on the ground? We all know it happens so why not grab one of these KICK stands and put that to an end.

These stands have an adjustable leg height and are suitable for wide range of kids bike sizes. From those with 12 inch wheels to those with 20 inch wheels, and everything in between. They also have a large plastic foot on the bottom of the leg which allows the bikes to easily be stood up on grass or other soft surfaces.

Mount easily to the bike with a simple clamp operated by a single bolt. Just position behind the bottom bracket of your kids bike and wind the bolt in till the clamp securely grabs the chainstays on both sides of the bike. Done!