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Halo Anti-freeze Skull Cap

Halo Anti-freeze Skull Cap

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Halo Anti-freeze Skull Cap
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Picture the scene. You’re tucked up in a nice warm bed. It’s 5:30am, dark and the middle of winter. Why on earth would you want to go outside for training? For you dedicated athletes who continue to train in winter, you could say the Halo headband or Skullcap lessens the transition from bed to bike. Choose from two styles of winter gear: the Halo Anti-Freeze Pullover or the Halo Anti-Freeze Skull Cap. The Pullover acts very similarly to our Halo II pullover sweatband, while the Skull Cap is similar to a running beanie for complete head and ear coverage. Both contain the same sweat protecting features of our other headbands, including the patented Sweatblock Seal and Dryline fabric to keep your head and ears warm and dry

Halo Headbands are technically designed to keep sweat and sunscreen out of your eyes and off your glasses while training, working out, racing, or just working hard. Halo Headbands include a patented soft and comfortable Sweat Block Seal. This exclusive water-tight seal redirects sweat away from your face