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Sigma Activo Sports Watch

Sigma Activo Sports Watch

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Sigma Activo Sports Watch
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A sports watch, where "watch" is the operative word. It watches and lets you know if you've done enough exercise. In a nice way, The ACTIVO is a comfortable and stylish sports watch. A great alternative to Fit Bit or Nike Fuel Band

This beady-eyed bangle will tell you how many steps you have taken, how far you have moved, and how many calories you have burned. Above all, it shows the activity level of the day and uses Bluetooth to transmit all of the statistics to a smartphone and the free SIGMA ACTIV app.

You can set yourself daily goals to keep yourself motivated and earn Gold, Silver or Bronze status as you progress towards your target. Daily and interim goals can also be individualized through the ACTIV app.

ACTIVO keeps an eye on you while you sleep. Not in a creepy way - If sleep mode is activated, the tracker responds more sensitively to movements. By recording these throughout the night, it is able to draw conclusions about the quality of your sleep. The analysis of the sleep phases (deep, light, awake) is clearly displayed via the ACTIV app.

SIGMA ACTIV APP - Program and personalize your ACTIVO activity tracker with the SIGMA ACTIV app on your Android smartphone or iPhone. The ACTIVO will display current values, the ACTIV app lets you see your day's activity levels in detail. Simple Pairing - Once you make the initial connection between your ACTIVO and the ACTIV app, they will automatically talk with one another.

The SIGMA ACTIV app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and AppStore*. It does not require registration, nor does it require that you share personal information. The ACTIVO activity tracker communicates directly with the ACTIV app on your smartphone, not through a website or an external server.

*starting with iPhone 4s and iOS 8 or Android 4.3, Bluetooth Low Energy