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Zefal Puncture Repair Spray

Zefal Puncture Repair Spray
Zefal Puncture Repair Spray

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Zefal Puncture Repair Spray
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Sometimes tyre inflation can be a bit ‘spray and pray’. This takes the ‘pray’ out of the equation, by instantly repairing punctures and inflating your tyre. All without removing the tyre or taking the wheel off your bike.

The fix isn't long-lasting as the product that is injected dries out in a few days. It's suggested to change the inner tube or to repair it puncture when you get home.

The 100ml is suitable for all road and 26" tyres as well as 27.5" tyres up to 27.5x2.4. For all 29er's and wider 27.5" tyres use the 150ml.

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